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Dutch newspaper: ‘Eindhovens Dagblad’, December 2011

Casa Vogue, 2012

Domus Italia, 2012

Pinterest, 2012

Designround, 2011

Sumally, 2012

Openstructures, 2010

FRAME publishers 2012

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Introducing: Marthe Biezen

Extending Design

Inspired by a range of fields like literature, art and autism, Marthe Biezen is an eclectic designer who doesn’t shy away from tackling diverse projects from music videos to textiles. Her designs start from simple shapes and develop, at times surreally, a more complex look and relationship with the user.

What was your first project?

In the first module of the Design Academy I did a project in which I casted metals, which I later combined with textiles. These experiments gave beautiful results. During my final presentation I showed the final fabrics and the complete process, with its endless possibilities. A few days later, Dutch fashion designer Marga Weimans asked me if I wanted to apply my casting methods to her couture. I’ve been working there for six months and we finally presented the result of our work during Paris Fashion Week. The collection is now a standard collection for the Groninger Museum. This whole period has been a great learning experience!

Where does your inspiration come from?

It might sound cliché, but basically everything at any time and anywhere. Sometimes I wish there was more time to work on more projects at once.................... read more >>

Dutch newspaper: ‘Eindhovens Dagblad’, 2012



“EINDHOVEN - De cd is ten dode opgeschreven. Het zilveren schijfje is hard bezig de concurrentiestrijd met digitale muziekbestanden definitief te verliezen. De Tilburgs/Eindhovense band The Jacks toont echter aan dat cd-uitgaven nog steeds de moeite waard kunnen zijn

De drie dames en één heer (ex-Krezip-bassist Joost van Haaren) hebben hun drie mini-albums in een schitterend vormgegeven klaphoesje gestoken.   ...   ”


December 2014


by Adri Vlasblom

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