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Guided by my thoughts on autism and sensory processing, I started to experiment with a range of different materials, as it was clear to me that patterns and structure were to shape this project. The life of those with autism and that of people with particular receptive senses are heightened with numbers, patterns, structure, organisation and systems. It is in this way that they are capable of experiencing serenity and in some instances, beauty too.

This perception of life is something that we all can relate to - yet we are somewhat removed from it and that is the essence of this project.

The patterns were developed by experimenting with daylight. When the pattern is closed, light is blocked out and when the pattern is open, light gradually comes through. These experiments were inherent to my thought on creating things that would reduce or dimish our sensory perception.

These experiments can be used in architecture to create walls and other kinds of dividers. The patterns are separated by small intervals before allowing them to slowly fall back into place. The amount of light was regulated by means of a small mechanism.

Mechanism designed by Marthe Biezen

Production: all parts are HANDMADE - VanderLee (outsourced)

Special thanks to Daan vd Zanden



The amount of light was regulated by means of a small mechanism operated by the user on the surface of the panels. Currently working on a solar energized system.

Essentially, this project mirrors and reflects upon the particular phenomenon that comes with having autism and other such distinctive sensitivities when it comes to our innate sense. The aim was to heighten the experience so that others could come in contact with an altered perception of conventional products; a fragmented view that makes us re-evaluate the world we live in and how we use products.

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