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Mensomeubel - infrared sensored furniture

High quality furniture piece. Handmade out of solid french oak wood - steal (pu soft coating) - leather - brass 

The integrated infraredsystem (hole on the right) allows you to operate all the infrared sensored machines placed inside the cabinet: which makes that everything that is stored is always out of sight.

Mensomeubel is now officially in production. More info and images will follow soon.

If you are interested in or you have any questions concerning Mensomeubel, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Photgraphy by Nick Bookelaar


Imke de Jong

Steven Banken

Michiel Martens

Nick Bookelaar

Justine Kontou

Van der Lee

RM Coatings - Rob Lotterjonk

All parts are custom designed

and produced in the Netherlands.

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