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Stackable, eroding urn.

From the late 18th and early 19th centuries, for reasons of lack of space and hygiene, the dead were no longer buried in church graveyards, but in cemetaries outside the cities. In the meantime, these places have found themselves in the middle of the always-changing inhabited world once more; yet the cemetery remains a deathly and static place. It is this discrepancy that inspired me to design an urn that would constitute a component of the dynamic of the city. The Urban Memorials are stackable urns that form a reflection of the unending process of life, death and remembrance.

The ashes of the deceased are mixed with other materials into a new porous material, compressed in a concrete mould, and placed in an urban and architectonic environment. The gradual process of erosion under the influence of the weather becomes visible whenever new urns are placed on top of earlier ones. Eventually a gaping hole remains in the pillar that has been created.

material try-outs

formstudy foam

Project for

Exhibited during Dutch Design Week

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