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Material try outs turned into prints


2007 / 2008

An internship and collaboration with dutch fashion designer Marga Weimans. As a second-year Designacademy student I was adressed by Marga Weimans to support her upcoming new collection of haute couture dresses using unconventional materials and techniques. A period of experimenting with metals, plastics and other curious textures and finally a show in Paris were the outcome.

2008 (haute couture week Paris) /

2009 (Groninger Museum) /

Team: Rianne (AMFI), Lotte (AMFI), Kim (AMFI), Lidewij (ARTEZ), Marthe (Designacademy) and Marga (Academy of Antwerp)

Little Jewel - Metalcast

A period of experimenting with metalcasting which lead to the collaboration with Marga Weimans on behalf of her ‘Debut’ collection.

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